Monday, October 26, 2009


Highlights from the past 28 days of our life... When I last left all twelve of my readers I was headed to Disney. The following is in no way exaggerated.

Oct. 1: Packing. No, throwing stuff into the basement and POD before we leave for Disney. The hardwood floors in the whole house are getting sanded and stained while we are gone.

Oct. 2: Morning: Still throwing stuff in the basement. My sweet builder and crew are going to move all furniture in the POD for us, as he can see we are in no way going to be able to leave for our trip if its up to us to get it all out of the house. We love him.

Oct. 2: 4:30p.m.: Little Man falls down the stairs. Backwards, I'm being told by the 6 year old, who swears she had nothing to do with it. My builder was present. Little Man was bleeding, we think he needs stitches. We are leaving in about 3 hours to go out of town. My electrician shows up, while I'm on the phone telling the nurse we need to come in immediately. I'm on hold and ask him to get the chandelier out of my car. I'm calm and able to multi-task.
5:00 p.m. Little Man gets a staple in his head. He proceeds to call its his "stapler". The doctor's office is a whole other post in and of itself.

Oct. 3: We successfully leave from the farm with Aunt, Uncle, cousin, friend and our children in their mini van. CPA and I drive ourselves to Disney in peace and quiet. We arrive at the Disney resort. The kids think, and I quote, "this is the best vacation EVER!". We haven't even been to the park yet. They are going to have a heart attack.

Oct.4: Disney Day 1: It's hot as hell in Orlando. Like record breaking hot. We start in Animal Kingdom. The kids think this place is awesome. It is. Its Disney. The kids rode all the roller coasters. Like twice. I rode Mt. Everest once and threw up 3 times after. I had to go back to the hotel. Motion sickness.

Oct. 5-8: Remained hot at Disney. Kids did great! They asked for snacks and juice between all the rides and drove me crazy doing so. Although Disney could be the happiest place on earth. It doesn't make whining for juice and snack less annoying than when at home. Btw Disney, your Nescafe coffee sucks. You know about Starbucks, right?

Oct. 9: We headed back to the farm for the weekend because we knew the floors needed extra drying time. That is until my builder called and said it rained all week in Greenville. Which set back the drying time on my new dark floors. Which set back the day they put the first of three coats of poly on the floors... which was today. We can't stay at home until at least Thursday. Frick. Frick. Frick.

Oct. 11: We check into another hotel in Greenville. They call it a two bedroom with kitchenette. I called it "gross". This was not the Ritz. And I am pretty much over sleeping in confined spaces with my kids.

Oct. 12-14: I'm working from the new basement studio, trying not get high off the coats of poly. This totally sucks.

Oct. 15: Kids have no school today or tomorrow, so are off to the farm again, so CPA and I can get us moved back in.

Oct. 16: My AWE.SOME builder and crew move us back in from the POD. We spend the weekend trying to reassemble our lives.

Oct.17: My birthday is Tuesday, so today is Saturday and CPA says we'll go out for a nice dinner since the kids are away. We end up spending the day in Charlotte at IKEA getting more furniture for my new studio... we are there until about 7. We ate dinner at IKEA. We were those people. And I was okay with that. We were alone ;) And just to be clear, this was not CPA's original plan for my birthday dinner. He's not that frugal.

Oct. 19: One of my sweet friends took me on an early bday lunch. She is super cool and a load of laughs to hang out with ;)

Oct. 20: I'm 36 today. I was okay with my age up to 35. Suddenly my ob-gyn is telling me I need a mammogram and I'm that much closer to 40. The carpet came for the rec room. Finally! CPA tells me that my birthday present. Funny. I don't recall my birthday present being in the itemized budget from my builder. grrrr.

Oct. 24 & Fun Facts: Today is my niece's bday! She is exactly 4 weeks older than Big Girl. On a side note, my nephew (her brother) is 4 weeks older than Little Man. My sister (their mom) is 4 years younger than me and we got married the same year, just 4 months apart. Crazy, right?! CPA took me and the kids out for a late birthday dinner. I do like to celebrate my birthday for at least a week... He also got me the Keurig coffee maker I've been dying to have. This thing makes a cup of great coffee in less than a minute. Its AWE.SOME.

Oct. 26: Today. I'm starting to breath a little. Get caught up a little. Enjoying the space ALOT. It was worth the wait. Thanks CPA ;)

Sunday, Nov. 1: My littlest sister is getting married. My sister and I will be standing beside her. Big Girl, Little Man and cousins will be her flower girls and "ring buriers" (as Little Man keeps calling it).