Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pink Panties

CPA came home with these. For me. From the concert.

He bought me concert panties. Motley Crue concert panties. Let's just say CPA had a few beers in him. He had to of... he spent $25 on itty bitty concert panties. In a recession. While we are in the middle of adding onto the house.

Thanks honey, but next time could you just give me $25 and we'll call it a day. But thanks for thinking of me at the Crue ;) Oh, and did I mention they say "To Fast For Love" on the bottom? Nice.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Honey, I'm Home

Usually its chaos when CPA comes home from work. I'm in the kitchen "cooking" dinner, kids are running wild with every ounce of energy before we eat, house is a mess.... I get the usual, "How was your day, kiss on the cheek" while Big Girl and Little Man jump up and down with excitement becasue daddy's home.

Tonight was different... CPA called, said "I'm taking the kids to the Y when I get home... give you a break. K?" No complaining from me, I just gained about an hour of quiet time.... ahhh... THEN, he walks in the door.... I get a BIG hug, BIG kiss and this is what transpires:

CPA: "Hey Honey!" Remember, BIG hug, BIG kiss AND his cute smile.

Me: "What did you do or what do you want?"

CPA: "What are you doing tomorrow night?"

Me: "You asking me on a date or you making sure I can stay home with the kids while you do something fun.... again... this week. Basketball is on Monday and Thursday nights and now what is it you want to do Wednesday night? Without the children, by yourself?"

CPA: "Motley Crue. Box Seats. Free Beer." Again. Cute smile.

Now, I used to love me some Motley Crue. Saw them in high school... Dr. Feelgood Tour 89. Sixth Row. Caught Nikki Sixx's guitar pic. So, I'm a little jealous, but don't worry, my wheels are turning.

I happlily tell him to go, have fun. I'll tell him later I'm gonna go stimulate the economy this weekend... :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Marshall Pickens Here I Come...

That is the mental health hospital in town my children are trying to send me. I am convinced they are secretly plotting together against me.

Thursday afternoon I took them to Target for new pjs for a pajama party for my nephew in Atlanta, to spend their $5 Papa sent them in their Valentine's Day cards and get a couple things I needed. Easy, right? NO. They didn't have Transformer pjs for Little Man, so that bent him out of shape. Big Girl must have swallowed a cup of sugar before we left the house because she was all over the store, the floor and between the racks during the whole trip. I had to stop about every other aisle to reel them back in from where the wild things live and back to civility. I'm sure security got a good laugh at me from their security camera view. Clearly this whole trip is MY fault for thinking I should take them both.

Friday, we leave for ATL after Big Girl gets home from school. This should be easy right? Plug in DVD player and/or iPods for kids. NO. Duel DVDs are not working. iPods are not charged. @#&*!!! I nearly drive off 85 trying to break up several fights over blankets, crayons, picture books and just plain looking at each other wrong. Stopped and put Big Girl in 3rd row. Caused another fight. Because that's not fair to separate one from the other when they were clearly getting along so swell. Oh, and yes I was only 30 minutes into my 2hr. and 30 minute trip and approaching Atlanta rush hour. Again, my fault, no?

Saturday, spent morning at Bounce U jumpy place for the party. XL coffee from Chick-fil-A sucks and now I'm in hell with 30 kids jumping and screaming. I hate anything that requires me to be somewhere before 9 a.m. Kids love it though and yes, Bounce U people, I'm gonna need that 30 ft. climbing tower thing for my backyard. Do you take cash or check? Yelling, jumping and crazy continues for the rest of the day. Think I have sensory disorder, because constant noise sends my nerves through the roof and I think the kids are on to this.

What? Oh, where's CPA you ask? At home. Alone. Tells me he's bored.... I think he's in on it with the kids to send me to Marshall Pickens.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sent me one of my migraines today. Ugh.

The Firefly from last night's game night with friends CPA and I hosted, could have helped cause said headache that turned malicious migraine. More ugh.

Spent morning in the car on way to the farm (in-laws house) for 3-day weekend, since kids have off Monday. Singing from kids in car = worse suffering + migraine.

Stopped at Golden Pantry for sprite, crackers and self-induced shot of Imetrex. Yes. Gave myself a shot. In the bathroom stall. At the Golden Pantry. I felt kinda dirty doing that and pretty much imagine that's what strung out drug addicts do. Nice.

First time I've had to do it, since my neurologist prescribed it for me. It rocked! Migraine was gone within the hour. However, nausea stayed with me for remainder of day. CPA did keep the kids busy and away from me so I could sleep it off. No romantic Valentine dinner for us. Will try again tomorrow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pretty In Pink

CPA got a raging case of pink eye on Sunday. And of course like a man, is touching his eye and everything else in the house.

Me: STOP touching everything with your pink eye infected fingers!

CPA: You're not going to get pink eye.

It's Thursday... Have self-diagnosed myself with pink eye. And am now sharing his bottle of eye drops. Because, yes, I am that selfish [and lazy] to NOT want to wait in the doctor's office for like 2 hours during my alone "the kids are at school" time.

First toothbrush germs, now eye germs. One big happy, sharing family.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

April 15

Last night was tax day at the monogram house...

The good thing about having CPA around... taxes are done (personal & business!), filed and sent! Always the first week in February. Always.

Refund in the mail in about 2 weeks. And like always, it goes in savings or such.

Sometimes if I bat my eyelashes, cook dinner every night for a week & fold laundry, I can skim a little off the top ; )

BTW Mother Nature, I could use a little more April 15th type weather and a lot less North Pole weather. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Minty Fresh

I crawl in bed last night, face washed, teeth brushed... ahhh clean and ready for sleep.

I hear CPA from the bathroom:

CPA: I'm red.

Me: What?

CPA: I'm red. My toothbrush is red and you just brushed with it. Didn't you say you weren't feeling good?

Me: No, I'm red, you're brushing with mine.

CPA: Well, whatever. Can you get some new toothbrushes tomorrow?

Now I'm grossed out that we've been brushing with the same toothbrush since the last time I got new ones. My mouth doesn't feel so clean anymore. Off to Target for toothbrushes and whatever else I don't need.