Monday, February 23, 2009

Marshall Pickens Here I Come...

That is the mental health hospital in town my children are trying to send me. I am convinced they are secretly plotting together against me.

Thursday afternoon I took them to Target for new pjs for a pajama party for my nephew in Atlanta, to spend their $5 Papa sent them in their Valentine's Day cards and get a couple things I needed. Easy, right? NO. They didn't have Transformer pjs for Little Man, so that bent him out of shape. Big Girl must have swallowed a cup of sugar before we left the house because she was all over the store, the floor and between the racks during the whole trip. I had to stop about every other aisle to reel them back in from where the wild things live and back to civility. I'm sure security got a good laugh at me from their security camera view. Clearly this whole trip is MY fault for thinking I should take them both.

Friday, we leave for ATL after Big Girl gets home from school. This should be easy right? Plug in DVD player and/or iPods for kids. NO. Duel DVDs are not working. iPods are not charged. @#&*!!! I nearly drive off 85 trying to break up several fights over blankets, crayons, picture books and just plain looking at each other wrong. Stopped and put Big Girl in 3rd row. Caused another fight. Because that's not fair to separate one from the other when they were clearly getting along so swell. Oh, and yes I was only 30 minutes into my 2hr. and 30 minute trip and approaching Atlanta rush hour. Again, my fault, no?

Saturday, spent morning at Bounce U jumpy place for the party. XL coffee from Chick-fil-A sucks and now I'm in hell with 30 kids jumping and screaming. I hate anything that requires me to be somewhere before 9 a.m. Kids love it though and yes, Bounce U people, I'm gonna need that 30 ft. climbing tower thing for my backyard. Do you take cash or check? Yelling, jumping and crazy continues for the rest of the day. Think I have sensory disorder, because constant noise sends my nerves through the roof and I think the kids are on to this.

What? Oh, where's CPA you ask? At home. Alone. Tells me he's bored.... I think he's in on it with the kids to send me to Marshall Pickens.

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