Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Honey, I'm Home

Usually its chaos when CPA comes home from work. I'm in the kitchen "cooking" dinner, kids are running wild with every ounce of energy before we eat, house is a mess.... I get the usual, "How was your day, kiss on the cheek" while Big Girl and Little Man jump up and down with excitement becasue daddy's home.

Tonight was different... CPA called, said "I'm taking the kids to the Y when I get home... give you a break. K?" No complaining from me, I just gained about an hour of quiet time.... ahhh... THEN, he walks in the door.... I get a BIG hug, BIG kiss and this is what transpires:

CPA: "Hey Honey!" Remember, BIG hug, BIG kiss AND his cute smile.

Me: "What did you do or what do you want?"

CPA: "What are you doing tomorrow night?"

Me: "You asking me on a date or you making sure I can stay home with the kids while you do something fun.... again... this week. Basketball is on Monday and Thursday nights and now what is it you want to do Wednesday night? Without the children, by yourself?"

CPA: "Motley Crue. Box Seats. Free Beer." Again. Cute smile.

Now, I used to love me some Motley Crue. Saw them in high school... Dr. Feelgood Tour 89. Sixth Row. Caught Nikki Sixx's guitar pic. So, I'm a little jealous, but don't worry, my wheels are turning.

I happlily tell him to go, have fun. I'll tell him later I'm gonna go stimulate the economy this weekend... :)

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  1. Hell Yeah you will!! I would definitely hit Banana, J Crew, etc. And leave him home with the kids for your shopping extravaganza!!