Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sent me one of my migraines today. Ugh.

The Firefly from last night's game night with friends CPA and I hosted, could have helped cause said headache that turned malicious migraine. More ugh.

Spent morning in the car on way to the farm (in-laws house) for 3-day weekend, since kids have off Monday. Singing from kids in car = worse suffering + migraine.

Stopped at Golden Pantry for sprite, crackers and self-induced shot of Imetrex. Yes. Gave myself a shot. In the bathroom stall. At the Golden Pantry. I felt kinda dirty doing that and pretty much imagine that's what strung out drug addicts do. Nice.

First time I've had to do it, since my neurologist prescribed it for me. It rocked! Migraine was gone within the hour. However, nausea stayed with me for remainder of day. CPA did keep the kids busy and away from me so I could sleep it off. No romantic Valentine dinner for us. Will try again tomorrow.


  1. Sorry you had a migraine!! Hope you are feeling better today! My photo shoot with Donyelle got postponed until this Sat. so I never made it downtown to scope out the location. I will get down there this week! Call me when you get back from the farm!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. Girl. I am all about the migraine meds cocktail. Sucks!

    Sorry, hope you're feeling better...what else do you take?