Monday, August 23, 2010

Why my kids should fire me

Busy, busy weekend. CPA and I finally getting some projects done around the house. I {heart} a good project. I am queen of having a list of them to do and never fully getting to any of them. But this weekend we checked off alot.

And to kick off the weekend of projects was a night out courtesy of the Y. I don't know about y'alls YMCA, but ours rocks. Every second Friday of the month they have parents night out. You have to sign up (limited space) and you can drop your kids off at 6pm and pick them up by 10pm. The kids love it. All kinds of activities, games and swimming. Sometimes a movie, I think. Its great not to have to pay a babysitter once in a while.

So, we met some friends downtown for dinner. Got ourselves a drink at the bar, got seated, pouring over the yummy menu and not a kids menu in sight. CPA looks at me and asked, "What did you feed the kids?"

OMG! I didn't feed the kids! And if you know my kids, they are always starving and thirsty. Not to mention its Friday and they both eat lunch {aka brunch} at 11. So, yes. They probably are starving. I feel absolutely horrible. It was not as fun ordering off the menu knowing my children are probably starving and thirsty. CPA wasn't concerned, "they're fine" and then the waiter passed by and he ordered another drink...

Crossing my fingers maybe they aren't hungry and telling everyone at the Y their parents didn't feed them dinner. We go in to pick them up, but before we get out the door they are both yelling that we didn't feed them. I slink out as fast as possible. And that's what the McDonald's drive thru is for late night. So, yes. I fed the children happy meals at 10 o'clock at night. Don't judge. They loved it. I may have just redeemed myself. I also may or may not have got myself a chocolate sundae.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day Four

Well, Little Man made it to day four until getting in trouble. I was really holding out to get at least a week or two under our belt. But no. The kids are fully aware of the behavior system at school. Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, & White. Everyone starts the morning on green {good} and can work your way up to blue if you go above and beyond in behavior and/or helping others, etc. Yellow is the beginning of your downfall. Not too bad, but not good. It means you've been warned once and you continued to misbehave. And you can always work your way back to green before the end of the day... and your mom {a.k.a. me} will never know. Now orange and purple will have you missing activities, red is bad and equals a conference and White... well that gets you straight to the principal and possibly suspended.

Little man's teacher happened to be running carpool today and let me know he got in trouble walking to carpool with another boy. Punching each other, and not stopping after being told to stop, lovely. So, he is starting off the day tomorrow on yellow. Ugh. Day Four. He couldn't wait until next week to start this crap? But, you know what. She apologized to me for having to start him on yellow tomorrow... wha??? No apology necessary, that how he needs to learn the rules! Its the "first day" surcee... see, I swear by those ;)

Little Man gets in the car screaming that he got on green today, which in all fairness was true. So, the following is our conversation:


Me: Great sweetie.

Little Man: I know.

Me: How was carpool line?

Little Man: {confused}

Me: Did you do good in carpool.

Little Man: {thinking: Does she know... no way she knows.} Yep.

Me: Really? You going to start on green tomorrow?

Little Man: {she knows} No. Is daddy going to spank me when he gets home?

Me: Tell me what happened...

And he did. With a lump in his throat and tears in his eyes. You could count on one hand the time CPA has spanked the kids. Clearly that resonates with him. No spanking today, but yellow again for the same offense? Little man won't be so lucky. Welcome back to school....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School {Survival of the Fittest}

Today was the first day of school! Was I ready? And I'm never ready, for anything. Kids hopped out of bed like it was Christmas morning. That will wear off by Friday... I'm sure of it. But, none the less, I made pancakes {or as Little Man says "panny cakes"} because I rock like that on the first day. Tomorrow, cold cereal for sure.
{walking them into school}
I also like to send treats with the kids for their teachers on the first day. Because I rock like that too. I've done this since pre-school. My sister-in-law is also a 2nd grade teacher and has always told me that treats/surcees are never forgotten about on days when your child has less than stellar behavior in class ;) Big girl has never been a problem, but Little Man needs all the extra help he can get. And this chick isn't above some bribery via treats and surcees. Monogrammed no less.... and yes, I do get their monograms on "Meet the Teacher" night. Thankyouverymuch.

{First Day Survival Kit}
And just so you know... if it doesn't help {Little Man} that I send treats, that's okay. I think teachers have a tough job. So, if anything, I hope they know how much we appreciate them. So, go on... send your teacher a little surcee. She'll love you for it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Twas the Night Before School....

The night before school when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, got rid of the mouse. The lunches were made by mother with care, in hopes that morning would soon be there. The children were nestled all snug in there beds, while visions of the school yard danced in their head. CPA was catching up on the days' news and I had just settled down with a hot cup of decaf {and a brownie or two}...

Ahhh.... first day of school for Big Girl {2nd Grade} and Little Man. Who, is not that little. Tomorrow is his first day of kindergarten. Tomorrow is my last, first day as a kindergartner's mom. This makes me full of emotion. Soooo happy for him! He could not be more excited! Sad a little, because I have no more preschoolers in the house. Happy a little, because I have no more preschoolers in the house. You get that, right?

Well, I'm back starting tomorrow. To doing lots of things with my new found 8 hr/5 day/week freedom. Back to blogging. But really, back to work. I've been working on my newest baby.... no not number three. Lawd. My website. It's been a long spring/summer. Full of mayhem. Of course. But she finally should arrive just in time to celebrate Simply Stitched Monograms' 5 year anniversary in the next month or so. I am so excited to share her with you when she arrives. Until then, I'll be getting back to routine, getting our lives {and house} back in order.