Monday, August 23, 2010

Why my kids should fire me

Busy, busy weekend. CPA and I finally getting some projects done around the house. I {heart} a good project. I am queen of having a list of them to do and never fully getting to any of them. But this weekend we checked off alot.

And to kick off the weekend of projects was a night out courtesy of the Y. I don't know about y'alls YMCA, but ours rocks. Every second Friday of the month they have parents night out. You have to sign up (limited space) and you can drop your kids off at 6pm and pick them up by 10pm. The kids love it. All kinds of activities, games and swimming. Sometimes a movie, I think. Its great not to have to pay a babysitter once in a while.

So, we met some friends downtown for dinner. Got ourselves a drink at the bar, got seated, pouring over the yummy menu and not a kids menu in sight. CPA looks at me and asked, "What did you feed the kids?"

OMG! I didn't feed the kids! And if you know my kids, they are always starving and thirsty. Not to mention its Friday and they both eat lunch {aka brunch} at 11. So, yes. They probably are starving. I feel absolutely horrible. It was not as fun ordering off the menu knowing my children are probably starving and thirsty. CPA wasn't concerned, "they're fine" and then the waiter passed by and he ordered another drink...

Crossing my fingers maybe they aren't hungry and telling everyone at the Y their parents didn't feed them dinner. We go in to pick them up, but before we get out the door they are both yelling that we didn't feed them. I slink out as fast as possible. And that's what the McDonald's drive thru is for late night. So, yes. I fed the children happy meals at 10 o'clock at night. Don't judge. They loved it. I may have just redeemed myself. I also may or may not have got myself a chocolate sundae.

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