Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Madness Peekawhoo Style

March madness Peekawhoo style... See our new 3 Marthas gifts in stock for spring!

In other madness, my very big, little man is turning 7 on Sunday. Sniff, sniff... my baby. So, I decided since his sister had a spend the night party, he could too. Only she had sixteen 9 year-old girls {that I'm still recovering from}, and I told him he could have 3. That is waaaaaaay more manageable. We are taking them to dinner, the hockey game downtown, and of course the evening will commence with an Xbox tournament of some sort before they crash, I'm certain of it. I told him this morning before he went to school that I had an idea for a party favor.

Me: Hey buddy, I have an idea for your party favor.
Him: What?
Me: Pillow cases with your friend's names on them! Maybe a shark or ATV applique! What do you think?
Him: Cool.

Clearly I think it is more fun than the cool, almost 7 year old does. I love this time of year. Having had a winter baby the first go around, Little Man's birth at the beginning of spring and each year after means warm, long sunny days. And I love it. Hope y'all have a great weekend planned. I do!