Monday, May 25, 2009

No. 288

That was Little Man's number in this morning's race in Athens, Georgia. Preceded by... wait for it... mine, number 287. CPA was number 286. Big Girl was at Aunt L's house... sleeping. Lucky girl.

CPA is always running those little 5k's on Saturday mornings for exercise and what not. We were at the farm this weekend (that's the in-laws). It's outside Madison, Georgia about 25 minutes to Athens - Go Dawgs. Today was the Running of the Dawgs 6th Annual 5k downtown Athens, and CPA thought it would be fun for Little Man to run it. Of course Little Man was thrilled, but someones gotta stay with him. CPA isn't... because he is racing Uncle C for the master bedroom in the condo we are sharing at the beach... Juvenile I know. But why flip a coin or pay more when you can let a road race determine who gets it. I digress.

Ms. Wendy, a friend of Aunt L's and mine said she'd run with him, which in turn I said I'd go too. How hard can this be. And he's 4, right. Damn if he did not run the first TWO MILES. He rocked it. CPA ran back to find me and Little Man to run in with us. I'm sore, but we all finished the race. Little Man did it in 45 minutes and loved every minute of it. I may not be able to get out of bed in the morning.

Oh, and yes, CPA beat out Uncle C for the master bedroom... he rocks too.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My days are numbered...

10 more days to be exact. That's how many school days before Big Girl is home with Little Man for the summer. She is graduating kindergarten. I'll save that sappy post for next week.

Today is about this morning... and this afternoon... and tonight.

Big Girl woke up grumpy. Like bees in her bonnet grumpy. We don't have time for grumpy this morning. CPA had an early morning, so its my job to get to school on time this morning. We are also giving our friend a ride to school with us. We don't want anything I've got for breakfast. She grumpily eats waffles. I added whip cream thinking that would cheer us up. No. Want me to make your lunch today? No. Didn't want to wear the outfit I laid out. Silly Me. I go get dressed. She's still not dressed and Little Man is standing too close to her and looking at her the wrong way. She takes him out. Knocks him flat on the floor. For no reason, other than being grumpy. I made a split second decision to spank because I'm done putting up with the crap this morning. I also yell at him for pushing her buttons on purpose. She falls to pieces and says she doesn't want to go to school and everybody is picking on her today. It's only 7:26 a.m. I pick out another outfit I know she likes, get her dressed, ready to lock the door.

Big Girl: (still with alligator tears from the spanking) I want you to make me lunch, please.

Me: No time now honey, we are late and have to pick up your friend.

Big Girl: No words, just HUGE alligator tears.

Me: I'll come home and bring you lunch.

I know, I caved. But it got us out the door.

This afternoon, we came home in a better mood. Until she and Little Man henpecked me to death to buy them this and that while on an errand. No. No. And more No. I made them bathe early tonight and get PJ's on before dinner. Not usual here. So... Big Girl showed all out, pitched a fit, stomped into the bathroom and mumbled words under her breath. Hold up.

I'm fired up now... "Mama's got game. BRING.IT.ON. Because I'm gonna win, TRY.ME." I told my 6 year old to bring it... I think I'm losing my touch.

Tonight, while saying prayers and good night kisses... Big Girl tells me she wants me to home school her. All I could think to tell her (besides HELL NO mama doesn't home school) was I didn't go to college to be a teacher by trade, so I didn't know how. This seemed to satisfy her for the time being.

Home school. Are you freakin' kidding me? T minus 10 days to full blown crazy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

And the winners are....

It's been a long Friday, Saturday and today! So, I apologize for just now posting winners from Friday!

The green lattice winner is Shannon.

The red & black poppy winner is ClemsonGirl.

Email me at , and I'll send fonts for you to choose for your monogram!

Thanks to everyone for stopping by to read! And win! I'll do more of these... promise.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!

I have TWO really cute Beach/Pool bags to GIVEAWAY! You are making it too easy for those who signed up to win... there's not many! So, either you don't want my cute MONOGRAMMED bags or my attempt at a giveaway is too early on in my blogging career... sigh.

Quick, make a comment and you could win this!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Breakfast In Bed

This morning the kids woke up at the crack of o'clock hour. I could hear them. They're fine. There are pop tarts and juice boxes in the kitchen. Then they come barreling in our bedroom giggling and excited. With breakfast for me! "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!" Big Girl handed me a big bowl of Raisin Bran with extra raisins and strawberries on the side (milk included). And Little Man handed me an apple and a Diet Coke. They did this all by themselves! I know. Because CPA is still dead asleep next to me. How cute are they?! Note to self: Teach children how to make coffee...

Whew... what a long day. Big Girl's end of year ballet recital was today. Yes. Mother's Day. For the third year in a row! Don't get me started. Both sets of parents in town to see the big show, it's crazy and very UNrelaxing. The opposite of what I wish my Mother's Day was. But it's a special day for her, and I love that for her. I teared up when the little 3 year olds were on stage this year... She was just 3. And this was her then...
And Big Girl now...

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Beach Bag Giveaway!

Beach Bag Giveaway!
School is almost out and I don't know about y'all, but I am ready for the beach! We go every year with CPA's family in June. And this year, I will be toting myself and our towels down to the beach/pool in this...

I want y'all to have one too! You can do 3 things to enter:

1 Entry... Leave me a fabulous comment!
3 Entries... Become a fabulous follower!
5 Entries... Post the beach bag giveaway on your blog and be sure to let me know you have!

And Georgia Girls....

I couldn't help but think of Georgia Football and packing my tailgate goodies in this....

I want you to have one too! So, if you're a Georgia Girl (by marriage counts too!) you can enter this way:

1 Entry... Leave a comment AND tell me your favorite bar or shop downtown Athens!
3 Entries... Become a fabulous follower AND list your favorite bar or shop downtown Athens!
5 Entries... Post the beach bag giveaway on your blog, let me know AND tell me your favorite bar or shop downtown Athens!

Bags are reusable, recyclable, made of 100% polypropylene, wipes clean with a damp cloth, and holds over 40 lbs! How cool and cute is that?!

Pick one or the other bag giveaway to enter this week! I'll let Big Girl pick the preppy lattice winner and Little Man pick the Georgia Girl winner after school next Friday, May 15! I'll contact winners for monogram initials, fonts and thread color choice.

Quick, go tell your friends ;)


**If you noticed my monogram is different on the bag than on my blog... yes. yes it is. Something I use my midde name "M" and sometimes I use my maiden name "C". I don't always play by the rules....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's coming.... I'm just back online from my electrician cutting off my internet Friday! Will post my fun little giveaway THIS week. I have NOT forgotten :)

On a side note, I have tried not to complain about living through this renovation, but there isn't a day that goes by that something isn't cut off, messed up or starts costing us more money. And just so you know, all they've been working on is the new construction... they break through the back wall of the house in a few weeks. What fun...

Today, the air got cut off and we just found out we definitely have to waterproof the existing leaky basement. And no, the cheap waterproofing (painting some crap on the walls) won't due... they're digging a trench around the perimeter of the basement through the concrete, laying a drain pipe system, which will flow nicely out into the back yard. Not.Cheap. What's that you hear? Oh, the sound of any and all extra money I was using to buy some fabulous sconces and chandeliers... going down the drain. No pun intended.