Monday, May 25, 2009

No. 288

That was Little Man's number in this morning's race in Athens, Georgia. Preceded by... wait for it... mine, number 287. CPA was number 286. Big Girl was at Aunt L's house... sleeping. Lucky girl.

CPA is always running those little 5k's on Saturday mornings for exercise and what not. We were at the farm this weekend (that's the in-laws). It's outside Madison, Georgia about 25 minutes to Athens - Go Dawgs. Today was the Running of the Dawgs 6th Annual 5k downtown Athens, and CPA thought it would be fun for Little Man to run it. Of course Little Man was thrilled, but someones gotta stay with him. CPA isn't... because he is racing Uncle C for the master bedroom in the condo we are sharing at the beach... Juvenile I know. But why flip a coin or pay more when you can let a road race determine who gets it. I digress.

Ms. Wendy, a friend of Aunt L's and mine said she'd run with him, which in turn I said I'd go too. How hard can this be. And he's 4, right. Damn if he did not run the first TWO MILES. He rocked it. CPA ran back to find me and Little Man to run in with us. I'm sore, but we all finished the race. Little Man did it in 45 minutes and loved every minute of it. I may not be able to get out of bed in the morning.

Oh, and yes, CPA beat out Uncle C for the master bedroom... he rocks too.


  1. I love staying in Madison, GA! We are huge DAWG fans and love to go to Athens for one game a year...You are so lucky to be there year round!

  2. Go Bennett!! That is awesome! I can't believe you just got up and decided to run a 5k! I have to train and everything just for three miles! ha! We are basically in the same boat though because I can barely walk after a week of crazy workouts in Atlanta and walking all over the mall trying to find something, anything to buy!!

  3. Found you wandering from clemsongirlandthecoach but had to comment on the 45 minutes for a 4 year old! Wow and congrats to Little Man :)