Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Roofers show up 7:30 a.m. and start shoveling shingles off my roof. I'm up, but damn, it's LOUD. I had an appointment with my decorator to finish out the colors, wallpapers and fabric for the first floor. It is FAB.U.LOUS! I will also be monogramming from now until 80 to pay for said fabulousness. Big Girl had her kindergarten end of year program at school. Very sweet. I didn't cry like I thought I would. Dinner with friends to celebrate the girls kindergarten graduation.

Roofers show up again at 7 freakin' 30 and start shoveling off the front of the roof. The children WERE sleeping soundly, as were we, until this... Wouldn't you love to be OUR neighbor right now? Little man scored two goals at his soccer game and is becoming quite the athlete. Me, I fought back a cold, but managed to squeeze in a little shopping at my friends store. Cute shirt and maxi dress. Score! We got "Knocked Up" from Netflix, but didn't finish. CPA says he couldn't wrap his brain around Katherine Heigl falling for Seth Rogan. I know, don't ask.

CPA waited for the AT&T guy to show up and fix the DSL that's been out since the bad storms last week. I ran around like crazy mom to get me and the kids to Sunday school. I was literally sweating when I got to class. I had on my cute new shirt with crisp white pencil skirt, so it was okay. Note on Sunday school class door read: Focus Class canceled for summer. See you in August! R&S R*** Insert dead silence here. ???? How do you cancel Sunday school? For the summer? I wasn't sure if I was more upset that class was canceled for the summer or that I had sweated my arse off for the past hour and half trying to get us there. I felt better, our friends showed up too... they have three minis they got ready to get there on time. We rounded the kids back up and headed home. humph.

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