Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pool Toes

I totally forgot about pool toes when I was little! Do you know what I'm talking about? My sisters and I lived at our neighborhood pool during the summer AND loved it! It wasn't until my minis came out of the pool crying today because their toes and finger tips were bleeding, that I remembered about pool toes! You know, when your toes touch the bottom of the cement pool so much and your fingers get worn from hanging onto the side of the pool.

I forget. Does this go away when your toes/fingers toughen up? Or will this be a constant battle at the pool. 'Cause they don't understand, and they want me to make it go away. They collectively agreed to not go to the pool until their toes were healed. Seriously? We'd make it to the pool twice a week between toe healing.... NOT going to the pool is NOT an option. This will be our daily activity to expend as much energy as possible.

Tomorrow's agenda: buy pool shoes. Also, tell my two to toughen up because mama is layin' by the pool this summer. With or without you. (No, not really without, but you understand what I'm sayin').

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