Sunday, June 14, 2009

One down, One to Go and ALOT of Love

I'm down one child this week and one week to go until the beach!

Since Big Girl has VBS this week and Little Man was too little to go, Aunt L insisted he stay at the farm with her for the week. (Just to be clear, she doesn't live at the farm with her parents, she lives in Madison with her husband and daughter...) She IS after all volunteering at their VBS... NOT like me. Yes, I'm a bad mother. Staying at home while my children get free child care at VBS. Sue me. I've been gone for a week. Have monogramming to catch up on and 57,000 loads of laundry to do before I pack up and leave again for a week on Saturday.

Have I mentioned how fabulous my SIL is... All her nieces and nephews think she hangs the moon. Actually, she does. She's a 2nd grade teacher. Not just any teacher. She's THAT teacher. The one EVERYONE loves! And her house is totally fun, so Little Man was in her van and buckled quick like a cat today, while I headed back to Greenville with Big Girl.

She said he could stay for the week. And he could just ride to the beach with them. On Saturday. (Insert silence here) Sorry... was busy listening the birds chirping and rainbow watching. Because that's what I'll be doing this week, while NOT listening to two little people scream and bicker at each other. Ahhhh.

She even said she would take Big Girl another time by herself. To be fair and all. And then she may take them both another time this summer before school starts! Mimi said she would also host "camp" at her house. Just let her know when I need a break this summer. The love is overflowing here people. Over. Flowing.

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  1. I call my oldest BigGirl too! And the other one BabyGirl. :)