Saturday, June 13, 2009

Emily Post would die

Dear Friend of my father-in-law,

I understand you got reacquainted at your 50th High School Reunion last week. You mentioned how you visit Atlanta often because of family who live there and my in-laws nicely said you should come by and visit the farm next time you were in town. The farm is only an hour from downtown.

It was so nice to meet you at the farm today. I can't believe you waited 6 whole days to take my in-laws up on their offer to visit, since you have not seen or spoken to them since 1996. It was especially nice that it was the same weekend I was visiting with Big Girl and Little Man. I'm sorry CPA wasn't here to meet you too.

My kids did enjoy playing with your two grandchildren we knew you were bringing with you for the visit. They also enjoyed playing with the other 4 grandchildren, your sister, her daughter and your two daughters we didn't know were coming. What a surprise! Unexpected company is so much fun when all I was really planning on doing was relaxing quietly by the pool with my kids and in-laws.

I did enjoy running to town for the extra hot dogs and buns to grill, since we didn't have enough food for the unexpected company. Because, when you bring an extra 8 people in two cars with you over lunch time, information like that makes planning too easy. I like to live spur of the moment anyway. Thanks!

I'm sure when my sweet in-laws invited you, they had no idea how well you would receive that invite, but clearly you all enjoyed the grilled lunch, horseback riding and swimming. Y'all have a safe trip back home. Thanks for staying for the day.



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