Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mixed CD

The kids and I treked to ATL today for the rest of the week... then head to the farm on Friday. We are out of school and between camp and beach and need additional adult support!

CPA sent us off with a mixed CD of songs. How cute is he? I lurved me some mixed tapes in high school! This CD was made with the likes of: Hanna Montana, Demi Lavato, and Jonas Brothers for the kids. (Yes, CPA knows enough Disney Channel to know all those guys.) And in there for me... some ABBA Dancing Queen, Counting Crows, Outkast and Beyonce - all of which the children know and love as well. Single Ladies is one of Little Man's favorites to belt out. It's hilarious.

We are hanging poolside with my sister, niece and nephew tomorrow!

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