Thursday, May 21, 2009

My days are numbered...

10 more days to be exact. That's how many school days before Big Girl is home with Little Man for the summer. She is graduating kindergarten. I'll save that sappy post for next week.

Today is about this morning... and this afternoon... and tonight.

Big Girl woke up grumpy. Like bees in her bonnet grumpy. We don't have time for grumpy this morning. CPA had an early morning, so its my job to get to school on time this morning. We are also giving our friend a ride to school with us. We don't want anything I've got for breakfast. She grumpily eats waffles. I added whip cream thinking that would cheer us up. No. Want me to make your lunch today? No. Didn't want to wear the outfit I laid out. Silly Me. I go get dressed. She's still not dressed and Little Man is standing too close to her and looking at her the wrong way. She takes him out. Knocks him flat on the floor. For no reason, other than being grumpy. I made a split second decision to spank because I'm done putting up with the crap this morning. I also yell at him for pushing her buttons on purpose. She falls to pieces and says she doesn't want to go to school and everybody is picking on her today. It's only 7:26 a.m. I pick out another outfit I know she likes, get her dressed, ready to lock the door.

Big Girl: (still with alligator tears from the spanking) I want you to make me lunch, please.

Me: No time now honey, we are late and have to pick up your friend.

Big Girl: No words, just HUGE alligator tears.

Me: I'll come home and bring you lunch.

I know, I caved. But it got us out the door.

This afternoon, we came home in a better mood. Until she and Little Man henpecked me to death to buy them this and that while on an errand. No. No. And more No. I made them bathe early tonight and get PJ's on before dinner. Not usual here. So... Big Girl showed all out, pitched a fit, stomped into the bathroom and mumbled words under her breath. Hold up.

I'm fired up now... "Mama's got game. BRING.IT.ON. Because I'm gonna win, TRY.ME." I told my 6 year old to bring it... I think I'm losing my touch.

Tonight, while saying prayers and good night kisses... Big Girl tells me she wants me to home school her. All I could think to tell her (besides HELL NO mama doesn't home school) was I didn't go to college to be a teacher by trade, so I didn't know how. This seemed to satisfy her for the time being.

Home school. Are you freakin' kidding me? T minus 10 days to full blown crazy.

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  1. You are hilarious! Or maybe its the kids who are hilarious? Either way, I love the blog! court