Thursday, January 29, 2009

I hate bar graphs

No CPA did not sit me down for another bar/pie graph discussion (see my first post). My new fitness trainer did...

We joined the revamped Y a few weeks ago. Its fabulous! Btw, I love the word fabulous and use it often. And they have an indoor pool. The kids LOVE it and sleep like babies. Love me some indoor pool action in the winter.

Had my first meeting today with the fitness trainer. I haven't worked out since.... I don't know when. College? I figure if I don't start doing something other than chasing my kids, my muscles will atrophy. And that can't be good. My weight is great, resting heart rate - great, bmi - great!

Flexibility and core muscle strength - WELL BELOW AVERAGE. Yes, Below Average was listed right above Well Below Average. Right there. On the computer screen. In a bar graph. Thank you fitness girl. Did CPA call you? Did he tell you I might understand my fitness level better in a bar or pie slice? grrrr. Well, fitness girl... I think you have a cool accent (British it sounds like), so I'm gonna stick with you. I'm gonna work my way up to Below Average, then Average. I'll show you. You and your bar graph.

More mayhem later...

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  1. I didn't know you joined the Y and got a trainer!! You go!! At least you can say your weight, BMI and resting heart rate are good. As for me, that is a different story! My weight won't budge and it is making me insane! Maybe I need some bar graphs and charts from fitness girl to help me!! Or maybe a new scale...hmmmm!