Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pure Madness

I have been:
1. Dying for my builder (whom I adore) to finish up the house, like yesterday. Not until the end of September I'm being told.
2. Cleaning up a vicious cycle of sheet rock dust, saw dust, sanding dust, tile man dust, and the regular dust. All over the house! I told my builder if he witnessed me losing "it" sometime soon, not to be alarmed.
3. Moving into the one space I asked nicely (read: told immediately) to finish, which was my new studio, so I could move in. It would make life a little nicer upstairs on the main floor. He did. And I'm 75 % moved in. 90% of new items from IKEA are bought for organization of the new studio. Zero are put together yet.
4. Learning 1st grade homework sucks for me and Big Girl. She spent 30 minutes (I'm not kidding) redrawing a star (which was part of a math pattern) that was not perfect enough (for her) to turn in. Many tears were shed. I kept trying to tell her its the concept that's important, not how the star is drawn. She got the concept, it was the star she was not accepting. Can we say OCD?
5. Cleaning out the basement for a last minute yard sale this past weekend. Because I don't have enough to do.
6. Trying to entertainment Little Man (and keep out of trouble) until he goes back to school. Next Week.
7. Working on getting CPA's birthday present framed in time. Birthday is Tuesday. Picked up framed picture Friday. Check.
8. Asked to get TV hung back up before Thursday.... Stupid ESPN thursday night games. It's his birthday week. And because of that, I will beg my sweet electrician to squeeze finishing that before Thursday.
9. Trying to remember how fabulously calm my life will be, when this house returns to normal.


  1. I am so excited for you!! Hope the move goes smoothly for ya!! = )

  2. You are too funny!! What will you do with all your free time once the house is complete? :)

  3. Construction dust AND first grade homework?! Lawd.
    You need a drink and a massage...