Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Big (Little) Girl

School starts Wednesday for Big Girl. First Grade. Sniff. Sniff. She's getting older, which means I'm getting older. She started Kindergarten last year at a wonderful public, neighborhood elementary school.

I was a little nervous, only because we've spent the last 5 years at our private, church preschool. Very sheltered, and very much a controlled environment. Controlled, meaning, I got to handpick her teacher and pair her with her playmates. I knew the director well, all the teachers, all the parents, am friends with most of them from town. All that halted when we entered the elementary school with 800+ students. So, did any sense of cute (age appropriate) attire.

After the first day of public kindergarten, gone were the days of wearing anything smocked to school. No Ragsland. No Kelly's Kids. Not because she couldn't wear them, Big Girl wasn't having any of it when her new friends were wearing jeans. Every.Day. AND anything that sparkled. Bleh. I wasn't giving into that much crap. I settled for two pairs of jeans with cute tops. She also agreed to wear the Ragsland embroidered pants. Shoes were a whole other issue. Nike running shoes, bleh. Every. Day. Nike's just don't go with skirts or a-line dresses. More Bleh.

So, this year.... I almost cried with delight when we went to Stride Right and Big Girl bypassed all the crap running shoes for these....

I have been buying these Keds for her since she was 18 months old!!!! I love them! They are sweet, white shoes that go with everything! And she WANTED them! Let's just pray that some little girl in her class with pink, sparkly Sketchers doesn't tell her that her shoes are ugly....


  1. Love it!! I hit the same thing when my little one hit school... hope ya have a great week! = )

  2. You can tell her that the girl with the crappy, sparkly sketchers probably has an uncool mom!! :)