Thursday, March 12, 2009


Do you check with your better half FIRST before you make plans and make sure someone is watching the kids? If unavailable, THEN you get a sitter.

Why don't husbands check first to see if we're available if they want to make exercise plans after work or whatnot. Not that I've got fabulous girl's night out plans tonight, but this annoys the crap out of me. CPA doesn't not ask first alot. It's just that I'm annoyed by it today.

Maybe I'm annoyed because I've been home all day with Big Girl, who's home from school, with strep throat and Little Man, who doesn't have preschool on Thursdays. Maybe I'm annoyed because we've been outside to play and now I want quiet, but they won't stay in their separate spaces for quiet time like I've asked. Maybe I'm annoyed because I have a ton of monogramming to do, but haven't been able to get much done because I've had two kids at home for the past two days and I'm just too tired to work after I get everyone in bed. I'm also annoyed that I've been staring at a slab of rough plumbed concrete for the past two weeks and zero framing has yet to be done. Maybe, just maybe I'm annoyed because [remember] the monogram house has been running at 1500 sq. feet, two bedrooms, one bathroom and 4 people for 4 years...

Tomorrow is Friday. Thank GOD! And what am I doing you ask?? Going to the Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Market! BY.MYSELF! Of course looking for things to monogram... but mostly looking for fabulous chandeliers, drum shades, sconces and furniture for the new renovation. Shopping. By myself. For two days. Ah, bliss.

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