Friday, March 6, 2009

@#$% Transformer

Little man has a thing for cars. Matchbox cars, CARS movie cars and most recently Transformers. Robots that turn into cars, of course he loves them. And he LOVES the Transformers Animated cartoon on Cartoon Network. I find myself watching it with him and sadly, enjoying it.

So, we've been having some bad behavior at school, which is very unusual for him. Correction: Unusual at school, at home - not so unusual. CPA and I don't put up with shenanigans at home (it happens and the kids get in trouble [often] for it), so getting sent to the preschool director's office is UNACCEPTABLE. That was a couple weeks ago. Since then, and much punishment later, Little Man has been doing good. We requested a note sent home after each day at school on his behavior. Good, bad or ugly. He's been doing great!

So, I took him to Target yesterday to get him a little reward. Of course he wanted a new Transformer. He doesn't have but one he got for Christmas and a couple from a Happy Meal or too. He picked a Decepticon. One of the bad guys. Maybe this is the problem, no? So, this thing is little, should be easy to transform from robot to car and vice versa right? NO. First of all, I thought these things stayed in one piece and you just have to swivel their parts around to transform. NO again. They come apart. In pieces. I had to help Little Man transform this @#$% thing 57,000 times yesterday! My fingers hurt from piecing this @#$% thing back together! I now hate Transformers. Yet, have already put the damn thing back together again this morning before school.... grrrr.

So, my dilemma is that Little Man's 4th birthday is in a couple weeks and ALL he wants are Transformers. And I was all set to hook him up with ALL of them for his big day. Having second thoughts... @#$% Transformers.

More transforming mayhem later...

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