Monday, March 2, 2009

sNOw School...

Why can't I just enjoy the snow like my kids? This afternoon when it started falling, Big Girl and Little man's faces lit up brighter than Clark Griswold's Christmas tree. CPA is child like himself, so he loves it too.

I hate it. Its cold and wet and messy. The kids changed clothes 57,000 times. I've got an ass load of laundry to do now to get ready for tomorrow. Because... yes, school has been canceled. It couldn't have snowed Saturday night, so that CPA could do all the play in the snow time Sunday... ugh. I know, they're only young once... blah, blah, blah. But seriously, my kids are going to be up at the crack of o'clock hour, pulling me out of bed to get them dressed before I have even had my first cup of coffee. I'm sure work isn't canceled, so CPA will be off bright and early. And in his child-like ways, will call me all day to see what the kids are doing and if we are having fun. Do you know how many times I'm going to have to dress, undress and dry my two kids tomorrow. Probably 84,000 times! So no, I'm not having fun, because I will be at home drying out 57,000 loads of more laundry, hoping the dish picks up a TV signal, keeping the kids from climbing the walls, watching my addition NOT get framed like it was supposed to this week, and praying school is back in session on Tuesday.

More mayhem after the crack o'clock hour...

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