Friday, April 17, 2009

Duh, mom!

So, it's one of THOSE days... nothing goes right, you run late for everything, multi-tasking sends you in a tail spin... you know the drill. It also doesn't help when Little Man is in tow for morning errands, which I'm trying to accomplish with one child... and Big Girl is around for the second set of short, very short errands in the afternoon. Two children. Two errands. I can do this.

We are not even to the post office yet, and they are wild in the back seat. I can feel it. This is not going to go well. I'm frazzled already, they don't listen while waiting in line with me, small amounts of pushing/shoving/silliness. While walking to the car Little Man makes a mad dash through the parking lot to the wrong car. Big Girl is dragging her feet 15 steps behind me and sad from me yelling under my breadth inside. We get in the car, I'm yelling at them, loudly, under my breath again about how ridiculous it is that I can't even run a simple errand with them. Then Big Girl says, "You should run these errands while we're in school ya know." She's smart, this one.

I wasn't sure to be mad at myself because she's totally right or that it sounds exactly like something CPA would tell me. After he tells me they're always good for him on errands.

More mayhem later... promise.

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