Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dollar Signs

Little Man is really into practicing writing his name and letters these days. Which is good. Because at the end of the school year, he either wasn't grasping how to spell his name or didn't care. Now he knows how to spell his name, my name - mommy, Daddy and Big Girl's name without help. Yeah!

So, tonight I go to tuck him in, kiss good night. He's sitting there all cute, working on his name and such...

Little Man: Look mommy.

Me: Awww! Good job man, you wrote all our names!

Little Man: (Starts writing...) Look mommy! It's a dollar sign!

Sure enough, its an S with a line through it. Dollar sign. A month ago, we couldn't write out our name clearly. Today we know all about dollars and cents. Just what I need. Another CPA in the house. Great.


  1. He knew all along ;-) He just wasn't in the mood to write all those names. And how funny that he has learned the dollar sign! First things first! haha

  2. Too cute! New follower and just wanted to drop in and say Hi!!