Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Money Pit

I realize since I started blogging back in January, I have not written a word about the renovation. I promised lots of stories of what I thought would be a nightmare. It's been somewhat of a painless process. Other than the fact that CPA has asked me no less than 57,000 times "is it in the budget?" whenever I show him something. I guess I have felt guilty to complain on a bad construction day about adding onto my house, when so many people are losing theirs and their jobs right now. I will say, I could have picked red polka doted tiles and orange carpet and CPA would not have cared as long as it's in the budget....

I'm headed back to Greenville from Atlanta tomorrow sans the kids. I've been in Atlanta helping my sister with her two kids, while she does some teacher training. I'm meeting my fabulous SIL on my way back to Greenville, where she will be taking my two until Sunday!

CPA is at home and informs me tonight that the kitchen is officially torn up (the floor that is) and the one wall that was separating the old house from the new addition is down and we are officially connected. Which means the crew is in my house starting at 7am from now until its done. Monday-Thursdays. For 3 more months.

I have also not wanted to post pictures of the atrocity that was the back of our house, until I at least had some pretty to show you of the new back of the house. I'll show you old vs. new when I return. And trust me, it was that bad.



  1. Love your blog! Can't wait to see photos of the addition.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished house...I can't believe I haven't seen the renovation process. I am dying to come over. When I get back to town, I am just going to stalk your house until you invite me over! ha! :)